Select any modern platform

Deliver your content to any third-party platform, including — but not limited to — Amazon Alexa, Apple News, Google News, FlipBoard and SmartNews. You pick the outlet, we plug you in.


Choose what content goes where

All from your StoryMate CMS, you’ll be able to easily decide which content goes to which channel.

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Hook up to emerging channels

As new digital platforms and aggregators emerge, the StoryMate team can you keep you nimble and adapt to the latest channels.


You choose the channel, we take care of the rest

You simply choose which news aggregators your organization wants to deliver content to and our team of developers will set it up.


Get more eyes on your content

Driving visitors to your site isn’t enough anymore. To ensure your content is getting the reach it deserves, you need to deliver it out to wider audiences.


Hosted on a massive, reliable network

Since Pantheon is StoryMate’s preferred host provider, you can trust that your content will send to your news feed, when you want it to. No latency, zero delays.


Get support when you need it

By purchasing additional support from StoryMate, you can be certain you never run into any issues delivering your content to channels you need.