Right time, right place

The StoryMate tale is not dissimilar to those of other useful solutions. A need was identified, and the right group of people at the right time dug in and developed an intuitive, astute way to solve for it.


Our Story

StoryMate was created to solve a problem. Now it’s solving an industry.

Initially conceived by a veteran group of journalists and technologists to supply the Cordillera Communications TV station group with a new CMS, our team recognized an opportunity to scale StoryMate to serve news outlets across the country.

For decades, the traditional proprietary CMS model has hindered productivity, news-gathering and revenue, leaving organizations to chase their competition.

No more.

Now powering 35 websites in 25 markets, StoryMate is a proven, industry-changing solution that is here to give news stations an alternative by allowing them to seamlessly mix and match best-in-class systems.

We’re here to disrupt the legacy news CMS — in fact, we already have.