Powered by Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP)

StoryMate comes with direct access to the world’s largest ad network — but hundreds more can be seamlessly integrated should you choose to go beyond Google.


Maximum relevance

Ads by StoryMate is equipped with the smartest contextual engines throughout its ad servers — putting the most relevant ads in front of each of your users, and finding the most revenue for you.


Yield management that actually yields

StoryMate gives you direct access to optimize revenue based on site performance and objectives.


Robust ad network capabilities, slotted right into your CMS

Designed for maximum return and minimal effort, our ad network capabilities ensure StoryMate optimizes for relevancy and ad placement. It’s more than your CMS: it’s a revenue driver that earns for you.


Most bang for your buzz

Stories going viral? With Ads by StoryMate, you can easily inject an add unit into specific high-performing stories to maximize revenue during traffic spikes.


Peak control, or cruise control

Through Ads by StoryMate, you have the power to optimize your inventory from directly within the CMS. Total control when you want it, and peace of mind when you don’t.


Stay in front (and out of the backend)

Because StoryMate is optimized for ads, you’ll never have to worry about digging into code to add unique snippets to satisfy placement in unused inventory. With StoryMate, you say goodbye to plugins and time wasted troubleshooting ad issues. 


Best ad rates, most ad options

With access to a vast and unique repository of remnant stacks, StoryMate helps ensure the most value for your ad space. It’s the opposite of inventory vacancy: think of it as perpetual inventory optimization.