Ad networks that grow for you

Ads by StoryMate, our ad network platform, ensures your organization is optimized for relevancy and ad placement — it’s a revenue driver that earns for you.

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Multimedia matters, a lot

StoryMate’s single, powerful media module can load assets from any host — reliably, all from within your CMS and all under your control.

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Universal content distribution

From Apple News to Amazon Alexa, quick, easily and seamlessly send your stories out to where your audience is.

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StoryMate powers your mobile content

Easily manage and update your organization’s native mobile app all from your content management system.

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 24/7 support

StoryMate is built with the world’s preeminent open-source content management system and supported by world-class software engineers and cloud-based Pantheon hosting, driving down the odds you’ll need frequent support. But when you do, our expert technologists are there for you, 24/7.

Premium design

From custom site templates to brand consulting, our creative team can help ensure your site is sleek and memorable. Plus, our standard theme allows you to easily customize your site to your brand. Built to accommodate all screen sizes, our responsive design ensures your audience is always consuming your content exactly the way they want — ensuring none of your users are left behind.

Paid media consulting

Should you like, we’ll help you establish, execute and optimize internal and client-based digital marketing campaigns, including paid media, paid search, display, video, social, email/text marketing and more.

Analytics tracking

Your StoryMate site comes pre-built with Google Tag Manager; our experienced analytics team can help you measure how users are visiting and interacting with your site. Our team can also provide recommendations, via monthly reporting, to optimize your site’s user experience.

CMS and ad platform training

Our experienced content writers have years of WordPress experience and can help your team effectively and creatively leverage the tools this powerful system has to offer. Consulting services also include expertise in DFP/Ad integration, strategic social and content review/best practices.