Set up for success

Multimedia doesn’t have to mean multiple media players. StoryMate’s player can handle any input, whether it’s video, MP3 or images, and will automatically represent more than one media item by utilizing gallery format.

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CDN agnostic

StoryMate’s player can connect to your video file hosting service without a hitch, and can make embedding quick and easy from within the CMS*. Supports YouTube and Verizon right out of the gate.

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Make more impressions

StoryMate’s media module gives you the ability to inject a video or static ad at the front of any asset — as easy as checking a box. Easily slot in ads for expanding galleries.


Adaptable for evolving consumer habits

StoryMate’s trusted media player is built on modern standards, ensuring optimal playback regardless of the user’s device today — plus, it’s adaptable for the future. With StoryMate, reach your audiences where they are, on the devices they’re using, with a media module that makes your stories even more engaging.


Stocked for success

Instead of saddling you with whatever technology might have once been optimal, StoryMate comes stock with a powerhouse media player capable of accepting any input — and fully scalable for the future.

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Bring your own player

At StoryMate, we believe it’s best to give you control over what matters. While we recommend our media player, chat with your StoryMate consultant if you prefer another — we’ll work it out.


Optimized for revenue

We know video advertising can be a good revenue opportunity, but not all media modules make that revenue easy to capture. StoryMate does. Our player capabilities are set up to allow pre-roll or print ads so you can ensure prime inventory isn’t wasted.