Be first with your breaking news

With StoryMate, all your push notifications go through your CMS and are connected to your stories — so you’re sending users directly to your content.

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Deliver stories with
zero latency

Your audience hates to wait. Publish your content instantly to your app.


Your entire site experience — from their hands, lap or wrist

From news to weather to sports, give your mobile users the full power of your website.


Own your app, control your development roadmap

With StoryMate, take charge of not just your news, but the future of your mobile app.

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Once it’s built, put your mind to rest

Developed in native code, the mobile apps built by our StoryMate team are designed to function beautifully for years, ensuring your organization can focus on providing the news and content that matters to your audience.


Easily manage your news alerts

News breaks fast. When it comes, your team shouldn’t need to worry how fast your mobile app will send out push notifications or whether they’ll send at all. With StoryMate, all your push notifications go through your CMS — and are published to your app instantly, with zero latency.


Get support when you need it

Support for mobile apps is included in any additional support package you purchase through StoryMate.