Our story

StoryMate was created to solve a problem. Now it’s solving an industry.

Initially conceived by a veteran group of journalists and technologists to supply the Cordillera Communications TV station group with a new CMS, our team recognized an opportunity to scale StoryMate to serve news outlets across the country.

For decades, the traditional proprietary CMS model has hindered productivity, news-gathering and revenue, leaving organizations to chase their competition.

No more.

Now powering nearly 30 websites in 20 markets, StoryMate is a proven, industry-changing solution that is here to give local media companies an alternative by allowing them to seamlessly mix and match best-in-class systems.

We’re here to disrupt the legacy news CMS — in fact, we already have.

Our driving philosophy

At StoryMate, we believe in giving newsrooms the freedom to use and grow their CMS however they want.

We created StoryMate because we knew — as journalists, designers and technologists — what it’s like to be tethered to an expensive, proprietary CMS that you don’t own. The StoryMate solution is centered around WordPress, an open-source, reliable platform used by over a third of the Internet. We designed it that way so you could go on using it whether we’re there or not.

Don’t want to work with us anymore? No problem. StoryMate is yours — free from costly licensing fees, with the freedom to grow it as you wish.

Join us as we change how the news is published.


Under the Hood

Among the technology pieces that make StoryMate hum:


WordPress: Our expert developers harnessed the leading open-source content management system for ease of use, reliability and to eliminate the prospect of pricey licensing fees.